Furniture Flipping Season – 2019 Project 1

I have taken a short hiatus to adjust to recent exciting shifts, but I’m back just in time for one of my favorite times of the year! Now’s the season of perusing antique stores and thrift stores for outdated pieces of furniture that need some extra love – yup, it’s the start of furniture flipping season!

I usually begin by visiting antique stores and thrift stores to search out solid pieces that are slightly outdated, most of the time without a vision in mind. I tend to wait until I see a piece, this way I can determine if I think it will look better as a painted, antiqued, or refinished project.

For the first project of the year, I will be skipping this initial step. We were gifted with a great piece that I’ve had plans for since late last summer, and I am excited to finally start the process!

Last summer, I reposted a photo that @graciestudio had shared via Instagram. It was a beautiful home design that featured a dresser that had a gorgeous dark yellow stain (which I’ve never seen before), and featured gold accents. My first thought was, “how do I achieve that stain color?!” After some research I found that I may be able to achieve this color by mixing three different powdered stains, so I ordered a pack of various powders from Keda Dye, which is based in Manitowoc, WI. Since this is the first time that I will be using powered stains, I will be testing my mixed stain on a few pieces of wood to make sure that I have achieved the color that I am looking for before applying to my piece.

I imagine that this project will take a couple of weeks, especially with the hand painting process, so I will be documenting this entire process in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!