Self-care For the Holidays

I decided to push back my original post highlighting holiday décor to focus on something that I have been making a point to prioritize lately. During the holidays we get SO caught up in finding the “perfect” gifts for our loved ones, putting up decorations, nailing the recipes, and hosting guests, that we often forget to care for ourselves. We are frantically rushing around throughout the day to meet self-imposed deadlines, while we are ignoring our emotional needs during the season. 

While we are caring for our loved ones, our homes, tackling our job duties, and to-do’s, let’s be sure to make ourselves aware of our emotional and mental health needs.

One thing that I have added to my daily journaling has been dedicating a page or two to creating mini vision boards. Compile the words and images from magazines, articles, and websites that best describe your goals and intentions. What words, actions, and phrases do you want to live in your space? Capture these words and visuals and create a space for them. Speak your goals into existence, and speak of them as if they have already been achieved. 

I have also made a point to slowly return to meditation. The form in which individuals choose to meditate is often unique to each individual, but I find it important to distance myself from distractions – my phone, the tv (no matter how many Christmas movies are on the Hallmark Channel), and my tablet. I leave my phone on the charger, light an incense, grab my quartz sphere, light a stick of Palo Santo, and make time for prayer.

Find a comfortable place to sit, and ground yourself physically by sitting directly on the floor with crossed legs, or in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Take a few deep breaths. Embrace the quiet. Try not to distract yourself with thoughts of what you have to do next, or what emails you have to respond to – all of that can wait. Refocus on simply BEING in the current moment and allow your mind and body to breathe, to slow down, and to rest.

I was told that December is a popular month for change, learning, and growth as we prepare to enter a new year. There is no better time than now to focus on your inner you and to nurture your needs.

What are you doing during the Winter season to nourish your emotional and mental health needs? Leave your feedback in the comments!