Sometime in 2015

There are two opposing statements: one consists of strapping your entire lifestyle, your bills, your debt, and your success onto the back of your passion. One consists of allowing it to fade away.

Supporting your life with your career and honoring your passion as just that, provides your sense of creativity with a comfortable place to rest.  Think of both your creativity and your passion, as sacred.

This makes me think back to college, where some would spend so little time creating and brainstorming. They would walk into a room and present a half-hearted idea that would then be stamped with a seal deeming it as an acceptable excuse for well thought out creativity. Their lack of passion and blaring anxieties were producing something that missed the mark by a long shot and everyone knew it, including them. But the piece was finished and the professor was paid. Their lack of interest and unfulfilled rushed jobs HAD to be produced only to obtain credit for being active within the class, within the department, within the university, within the world – casting a blinding light that had harshly shown through in their work.

The passion was lost.  The want was lost.  The need stood in the forefront.


You NEED a serious career.  Success equals a computer screen, and a black blazer with a coffee on the side.  Creativity in the workplace equals carelessness.  There is no room for playfulness, for color, for character.

You aren’t a real artist if you have conformed to the ways of society. You aren’t a true creative if you aren’t loyal to being a starving artist.  I’ve never heard of Arts Administration.  Business and Art does not mix.


I believe in a middle ground.  I believe that your creativity and that your “you” can become lost.  If passion is led on a leash, a struggle ensues along the walk – a struggle that could so easily become a task that you start regretting.  I believe in this unfound place that generously mixes the two; where professionalism meets creativity and lightheartedness.

I believe in this place, I am in search of this place, and once I have found it I may, or may not, be the only one there – walking about this wonderful new world trying to figure out how to go about explaining it to others.