Capturing Abandon 12.20.14

I find it fascinating, hypnotizing, absorbing – I find myself looking into the now of abandonment.

These places, these buildings, cities, and people that are abandoned have more of a story than we can imagine.  A quiet and intense emotion evoking properties that modern civilization cares not to delve into – ignorantly assuming that these now silenced spaces lack significance – comfortably labeling these fallen lives and fallen societies that commonly go unnoticed and untouched.

A silence so loud. 

A softness screaming to be alive, unseen yet weighted.  Abandonment has an unexplainable force.  It has an importance that must be known, an importance that so many label as frightening (if we care to notice at all.)

I often wonder about the stories and find it captivating when a photographer can successfully encapsulate these long forgotten spaces, revealing their truths and opening the door to exploration.  They create a voice for so many unable to speak, unable to tell the story of how they became.  They keep these places, these buildings, cities, and people, alive and known.

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