Tiny Reminders #1

Think before you speak…before you complain, compare, judge, gossip or “share”… If you feel something halting you, whether it be in the pit of your stomach or back of your mind, re-evaluate your topic of conversation, as it may not be the best reflection of yourself. And if you’ve slipped, apologize – only if it is genuine – but if it is not, save the breath and revisit after you’ve come to terms with the positivity or negativity that you’ve added into that person’s day.

Just because you’re miserable does not mean that everyone in your path needs to be miserable with you. Sometimes silence, meditation, prayer, and refocusing is key.

Respect the silence of others. Don’t assume that it’s about you – and if it is, that’s none of your business nor your concern, as no one owes you their breath because you believe that you deserve it.

Never be too proud to correct yourself, it’s actually helping you to expand as a human being.

Everyone deserves to shine. The platform is not solely yours. There are billions of people in the world and everyone is allowed to win and achieve greatness…applaud them.

Apologize when you need to, don’t let your ego ruin you. Always make sure it’s genuine. Faux feelings and actions always stand out.

Let’s all continue to expand and grow mentally and emotionally, no matter the amount of times that we may stumble. 💛