Journey to Norway

There is a long, very beautiful story behind how my husband and I had the amazing opportunity and invitation to travel to Norway with his family, but I will leave the extended version for another post. I traveled internationally for the first time in June 2017 with my then boyfriend, now husband, and his family. We were traveling to meet their Norwegian relatives and to visit their ancestral land.

We travelled by train, and plane, and automobile to reach our destination. I was in awe by the greenery and landscapes, how generous our Airbnb host and the Norwegian relatives were, and how peaceful the entire experience was.

We all stayed in a beautiful five-bedroom home, thanks to his wonderful parents, and enjoyed some afternoons playing badminton in the backyard; I also took full advantage of the sauna – super win. Our relatives drove us to beautiful spaces, hosted us and presented us with a wonderful family presentation. The views and the historical depth were captivating. The mountains and waterfalls were unforgettable, and I never imagined being asked to join on such a memorable trip.

And that is where my then boyfriend, now husband, distracted me by suggesting that I take a photo of the overlook, placed his knee into the wet grass, and asked me to “be his lady”. On his father’s ancestral land, with a family heirloom from his mother’s side of the family. And it was perfect.